POLYTRON Full Synthetic Motor Oil SAE 15W40 - Oil Change Interval 50.000 km

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POLYTRON Fully Synthetic Motor Oils SAE 15W-40 are high performance oils designed to meet the latest car manufacturers warranty requirements.

The POLYTRON SAE 15W-40 oils are 100 % synthetic blend of the highest quality base oils and special additives that contain POLYTRON MTC which protects against high temperature oxidation, wear, and viscosity breakdown.

Oil Change Interval 50.000 km

POLYTRON SAE 15W-40 Motor Oils are specifically formulated to meet the demands of the small displacement high RPM fuel efficient engines found in today's domestic and foreign automobiles. These engines experience higher operating temperatures and require motor oil which offers maximum protection against both viscosity and thermal breakdown. Thanks to POLYTRON MTC that is part of the additive package, oil change intervals can be extended in cars that are still in reasonably good working condition.

They are fortified with detergent-dispersants and rust and corrosion inhibitors to keep engines exceptionally clean and free of sludge, varnish and rust. POLYTRON MTC provides considerable reduction in internal friction between moving engine parts which can mean improved fuel economy in addition to wear elimination, versus other products of the same viscosity grade.


• Highly oxidation stable - protects engine from oil thickening, high temperature sludge and varnish deposits
• Shear stable viscosity index improver in the Fully Synthetic multi-grade protects against viscosity breakdown in severe service
• Effective detergent-dispersants keep engine parts clean
• Improved fuel economy means better gasoline and diesel mileage
• Anti-wear agents like POLYTRON MTC eliminate wear of cam lobes and other highly loaded parts

Typical Uses:

• Recommended for domestic and foreign high performance engines
• Especially recommended for high RPM engines including those that are turbo charged
• Recommended for passenger cars, duty pickups, and other gasoline and Diesel engines
• Recommended for cars with a particulate filter (DPF or FAP)
• Accompanied by Certificate of Conformity RAR-OCP no.4129  
• Exceeds Classifications CJ-4/SM and ACEA A3/B4, DPF
• Meets Requirements Cummins CES 20081, Mack EO-O, Premium Plus, Renault RVI RLD-3, Volvo VDS-4


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