In passenger cars, light and heavy-duty trucks, boats, yahts and heavy-duty marine vessels POLYTRON lubricants:

● Eliminate up to 95% of engine wear.

● Reduce engine operating temperature and noice level.

● Eliminate any buid-up and keep engine completely clean.

● In the event of oil or coolant loss, engine is protected for tens of miles under any driving conditions.

● Restore compression (the compression may go up even in new cars).

● Contribute to much cleaner emission gases.

● Their performance does not deteriorate in severe operating conditions of dust, dirt and moisture.

● Extend oil change intervals and oil filters life 4 to 7 times.

● Contribute to considerable fuel and oil economy.

● Up to 65% reduction in maintenance cost.

In Industrial and Commercial Applications POLYTRON lubricants:

● Eliminate up to 99% of equipment wear.

● Reduce equipment operating temperature and noice level.

● Equipment is protected in wider range of temperatures.

●Eliminate any buid-up and keep equipment completely clean.

● In the event of lubricant loss, equipment is protected for a considerable time under any working conditions.

● Their performance does not deteriorate in severe operating conditions of dust, dirt and moisture.

● May extend Maintenance Intervals 4 to 7 times.

● Contribute to considerable savings in energy and lubricants consumption.

● Up to 65% reduction in maintenance cost.

Here are some of the references:

1. A division of an air force of a foreign country tested POLYTRON in helicopter propeller gearboxes and experienced 98% reduction in wear, 30% reduction in noise and 15% reduction in operating temperature.

2. A Military Naval Academy laboratory in a European country tested the POLYTRON formula in various military, diesel marine engine applications.

a. A test that was conducted under normal operating conditions indicated an immediate 95% reduction in wear of diesel marine engines.

b. In a second test, water was blended into the oil that contained POLYTRON formula. The test indicated that there was no change in performance of the engine. Under normal conditions of operation, when water penetrates the oil system the engine overheats and seizes. But with POLYTRON no change in the engine performance occurred.

c. A final test was conducted to determine the effect of operating an engine with no oil at all after it had been treated with POLYTRON formula. First, a diesel marine engine was operated for 30 minutes with motor oil that contained POLYTRON formula. Then, the oil was totally drained out of the engine . The engine was left running at 50% load for 25 minutes. Under regular circumstances, the engine would have seized in 1-1.5 minutes, but with POLYTRON treatment; the engine continued running with no observable problems.

3. An oil company in Europe has tested POLYTRON formula with their fleet of tanker trucks, by testing their used oil every 3000 miles for metal particles, (which is an indication of engine wear). Before using POLYTRON they measured 300 ppm concentration of metal particles. After using POLYTRON formula they got 10-17 ppm (more than 95% reduction in wear).

These examples of the exceptional performance of POLYTRON products are no surprise to POLYTRON manufacturer. You are most welcome to test all POLYTRON products and we guarantee the same results of exceptional performance.

We guarantee that your cars’ engine and/or equipment will last at least 4 to 7 times longer, perform much smoother, and consume less energy than it normally would without POLYTRON


POLYTRON MTC (Engine Lubricant Concentrate)

There are two main reasons for deterioration in engine performance.

1. Continuous wear

2. Deposit build-up around piston rings and other moving engine parts.

These two reasons are closely related. Deposit build-up, beyond certain level, causes accelerated wear of the engine. This causes deterioration in engine performance, which causes even faster acceleration in deposit build-up….and so on.

That is why it is so important to eliminate wear and deposit build-up at the same time. POLYTRON MTC is scientifically designed to take care of these major problems even in the harshest working conditions.

3. POLYTRON MTC is an excellent dispersant which holds sludge harmlessly in suspension while preventing the deposition of varnish and lacquer on engine parts in severe service. Oil filter life is improved and the PVC (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) valve remains free and clean. As long as POLYTRON MTC is applied properly, engine parts (or parts of any other equipment) remain clean and free of any deposits build-up.

In older cars, POLYTRON MTC cleans the inner engine and keeps it clean as long as POLYTRON MTC is used as recommended.

4. POLYTRON MTC eliminates up to 99% of engine (or any other equipment) wear.

Because of the extraordinary qualities of POLYTRON MTC referenced above, the performance of an engine (which is not related to fuel system and upper engine) is maintaned at its maximum for as long as POLYTRON MTC is used as recommended.

In older car engines, once wear reaches a certain point, there are excessive clearances between the cylinder wall surfaces and the piston rings surfaces (as a result of their "roughness") which cause partial loss of compression, excessive penetration of oil into the fuel system, and penetration of combustion gases into the oil system. All of the above leads to a vicious cycle of performance deterioration and excessive wear. Using POLYTRON MTC, the cylinder walls and the piston rings surfaces are "polished" as referenced above so the clearances between the cylinder walls surfaces and the piston surfaces are minimized and the compression and performance are maximized (in most of the cases the compression is restored completely).

5. SAFETY: POLYTRON MTC provides temporary engine protection during loss of lubrication.

Imagine that the engine of your car loses oil or coolant (or oil and/or coolant system pump breaks down) in the middle of nowhere, at night. How much would you be ready to pay to be able to drive to the nearest repair shop or a place where you can stay safely overnight?

POLYTRON MTC offers this feature. After driving your car approximately 30 miles with POLYTRON MTC and using it as recommended later on, you can be assured that in the event of oil / coolant systems failure you’ll be able to drive your car safely without ruining the engine, and long enough time to where you don’t have to compromise your safety.


1. In new engines the use of POLYTRON MTC keeps the inner engine clean at all times and eliminates up to 99% of its wear. In real terms, the performance of the engine is improved and maintained at its best as long as long as POLYTRON is used as recommended.

2. Immediately after applying POLYTRON MTC the first time in old engines the inner engine is cleaned of all deposits. The compression and performance of the engine is maximized. Fuel and oil consumption is minimized. Wear is almost completely eliminated. The engine operates quieter and engine-operating temperature decreases. The same maximum level of performance can be maintained for as long as POLYTRON MTC is used as recommended.

3. SAFETY : POLYTRON MTC provides temporary engine protection during loss of lubrication.


Maximum performance and elimination of wear can be achieved in transmissions, power steering systems, and any other moving subassemblies where appropriate lubricating fluids are used. (10 -15% POLYTRON MTC has to be added.)


POLYTRON FUEL CONDITIONER adds an extra boost to the performance of a car/truck engine:

● It cleans deposits and gum from the fuel injection system, carburetor, upper engine, valves, and lifters. It keeps the parts of these systems clean for as long as POLYTRON is applied as recommended.

● It lubricates and eliminates wear of the moving parts of the upper engine, fuel injection system, valves, lifters and carburetors.

● It contributes to much cleaner emission gasses (you will not have any problem passing a smog test). The catalytic converter lasts much longer


Other companies offer many different products to treat car/truck engine and its parts. For example: Inner engine treatment, inner engine cleaners, fuel injection system cleaner, valves and lifters cleaners, gasoline additives, octane boosters, transmission cleaner, transmission treatment, power steering treatment and many more. To buy all these products you would have to spend a fortune, not mentioning the fact that these products, such as PTFE based additives, may have negative side effects.

POLYTRON manufacturer offers to use only two products in order to take care of your car's engine and its parts:

● POLYTRON MTC (Metal Treatment Concentrate)




POLYTRON PL (Penetrating lubricant) for thousand and one applications for home and outdoor use.

● Cleans and releases frozen mechanisms (corroded).

● Lubricates and eliminates wear in mechanisms.

● Displaces moisture and prevents corrosion.

● It is a very effective product under the harshest working conditions of dirt, abrasive dusts and moisture.

POLYTRON PL can be used anywhere. It is at least 20 times more effective and long lasting than WD-40


● The most effective grease for harsh working conditions to lubricate and eliminate wear in mechanisms.

No matter what equipment or application POLYTRON lubricants are used in, we guarantee that this equipment will last at least four times longer , perform much better, and consume less energy. We invite you to take the POLYTRON challenge and put these miraculous products to the test. We stand by our guarantee of excellence.


POLYTRON Manufacturer